Report Inaccurate Data
Thank you for participating in DNR's ERROR Reporting Process. This program enables those outside the agency to provide corrected
data for Iowa environmental facilities and to improve overall data quality.  Please use the form below to input the error condition. 
Instructions and tips are provided at the bottom of this page for completing the form.
Reporter Information
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Error Information
Site Name:
DNR Program: Program ID:
State Facility ID: Federal Facility ID:
Error Description:*
Please enter your nameand contact information so that you can be notified when the issue has been resolved, or if we need to contact you to obtain additional details.  Provide as much detail as possible to identify the site involved, what the invalid data is, and what you believe the correct values should be.  Some examples include:

-- The facility's location address is incorrect.
-- The facility location coordinates are incorrect.
-- The owner affiliate listed is no longer correct.